Dairy Farm Dirty Water Irrigation

Customers original request & our ability to select the correct solution

We were approached by the customer as they were generating excess “dirty water” when washing out their milking machine milk lines which was then either:

a) going to a tank to then be pumped to the slurry tank and using up precious slurry storage capacity or 

b) have to be emptied by slurry tanker and blown over the hedge onto the land from a roadway as fields would be too wet to take a tractor & slurry tanker into. Yard run off water was also adding to the unwanted volume of “dirty” water being generated. 

DPS have an excellent solution for this problem with the Versatile Dirty Water Irrigator System, avoiding the need to use up slurry storage or a slurry tanker.

Co. Antrim Dairy Farmer


Project Value
1 £



Process Description & Equipment Supplied

The Versatile Dirty Water Irrigator consists of a progressive cavity pump which draws the “dirty” water from the underground storage tank and pumps it through pipework up to 1km away.
At the field this is connected to a sprinkler head, in this case mounted on a “sleigh” which can be towed by a quad to avoid flooding one area of the field.

Progressive Cavity 3 phase 1.5kw pumping system giving:

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Dairy Farm Dirty Water Irrigation
Case Study