Armagh Access

DPS were contracted by Veolia Water to improve the access road at Armagh Wastewater Treatment Works.

The repair work commenced at the start of the access road (just off the main road) and ran through to within the site boundary to the admin building. The road is used by personnel working and visiting the site. In addition, the road is also used by HGVs for sludge tanker exports and septage imports (domestic and trade). Approximately 20 to 25 HGVs visit site per week so this had to be taken into consideration when designing the new road. 

Using our appointed civil partner, the existing road was excavated/planed in preparation for surfacing, then 100mm deep base course was laid followed by 40mm deep surface course (SMA bitmac & asphalt) .Other works involved required the replacing of the existing road drainage system due to its poor condition, protecting any existing cable ducts with concrete surrounds and all road gullies and manhole lids were also replaced.

Veolia Water


OCT 2017


Project Value

Managing the Relationship with Our Customer’s Delivery Team

Having progressed from working with the design team to the supply and installation phase, DPS nominated a Project Manager who was the point of contact for Veolia and any other contractors on site and was responsible for all communications from DPS to Veolia and the project stakeholders.

The Project Manager was responsible for Progress reporting to facilitate ‘live’ updating of the program schedule. The Project Manager was also responsible for the reports which, in addition to monitoring the schedule and milestone achievements, covered issues such as Health & Safety, quality and risk minimisation. 

The outputs of the daily and monthly project meetings were subsequently communicated to the DPS installation team and the OEM as required. The Project Manager was responsible for amending and implementing any changes required to the DPS Health & Safety and quality procedures while amending the delivery and installation schedule as necessary to ensure compliance with the Delivery Team requirements.

Process for handing over “fit for purpose” equipment free from defects

Having installed and commissioned the equipment on site as per the OEM requirements and in conjunction with the project stake holders, DPS then ‘snagged’ the site prior to handover to ensure there were no minor issues outstanding.
Once the snagging process was complete the final sign-off and close-out of the project was completed in a timely manner and with ultimate client satisfaction.

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