Anaerobic Digester Feed

NI Farmscale Anaerobic Digesters have been driving our economy towards sustainability and net zero emissions for over a decade.

Typically constructed between 2010 and 2016, and producing electricity using a 500kW CHP engine, there are almost 90 farms enjoying the benefits of clean, green energy along with production of mineral free fertiliser through the digestate produced, which is spread on land.

However, as these plants age and wear, how can you be sure they are working as efficiently as possible to maintain performance, maximise output, reduce maintenance and downtime?

Turn to the experts in the field…

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About LSR Support

Established in 2018, LSR Support directors Stevie Loughlin and Alan Sloan saw an opportunity to support AD sites with their knowledge and practical experience, built from years designing, commissioning and working on AD schemes in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

LSR have perfected AD applications. They understand successful applications require reliable pumps with controls, PLC integration, supported by on-site Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts.

Modular integration means you don’t need to buy a whole new plant, instead it allows for maximum lifespan of legacy assets by identifying areas of your plant that require rebuild, repair, replacement or that can be upgraded and optimised so that you can enjoy less outlay, longer asset life and maximum site uptime and maximum yield.

LSR not only supply plant, pumps and controls; they integrate these elements into optimised efficient


- A Powerful Combination -

As distributors of pumping and treatment products to the water, wastewater, agriculture and industrial sectors, DPS has been a supply partner to many companies for thirty years.

Our supply agreements with Global Best-in-Class Manufacturers allow us to offer premium level pumping, blended with mixing excellence and cutting edge macerators with full factory backup.

Our pricing structure allows us to offer a full supply, installation and service solution for complete project delivery at no commercial disadvantage to you, our customer, for total confidence and seamless support.


AD Case Study Table

James Blair recently reappraised the feed application for his anaerobic digester at Kilmoyle, successfully replacing his old pumps with the WANGEN BIO-MIX. He now has 10% MORE electrical output from his CHP engine than previously, which James attributes to the WANGEN BIO-MIX.

Seamlessly connecting with a Triolet diet feeder, the WANGEN BIO-MIX hopper contains an auger, which overfeeds a progressive cavity pump. Overfeeding allows stones to be transported to the back of the hopper for removal, thus reducing maintenance in the digester.

The auger pre-wets the dry matter with return digestate; in turn allowing bacterial breakdown to begin immediately as well as creating conditions perfect for neutral buoyancy within the digester, rather than dry sileage floating to the top of the tank to create a crust.

It changed my life!

Has WANGEN BIO-MIX accounted for 10% more electricity on its own?

Whilst it is true that the WANGEN BIO-MIX has fewer parts to be serviced and is a robust pumping tool which has allowed for far less downtime, James Blair is also more confident that the Biomix will run without fault, blockages or bridging 24/7.
And that means he can run the WANGEN BIO-MIX overnight, which allows the biology of the digester to run at optimum rate which allows him to attend to other jobs on the farm.

But that’s not all, John McLenaghan at Just Farm Energy reports similar success with the BIO-MIX.
Maximising production has allowed him to realise an increase of 5% methane, allowing his CHP to run more efficiently for greater electricity generation.

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