EPS working to improve Sevenoaks Water Supply

About the Project

The EPS Group is making strong progress towards the completion of MEICA works on the replacement and upgrading of South East Water’s main water supply pumping station at Sevenoaks in Kent. This £3 million project is an important component in South East Water’s AMP5 investment programme and will safeguard water supplies for over 40,000 of their valued customers in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas.

As part of an emerging collaborative relationship in the UK water sector, EPS has partnered with J Murphy & Sons to complete the works. Murphy has constructed a new pumping station building on adjacent lands and EPS is now carrying out the associated MEICA fit-out works including detailed design, installation and commissioning functions. Our scope includes two sets of large high-lift pumps, sodium hypochlorite and sodium bisulphite disinfection dosing systems and associated instrumentation and monitoring.

The contract has a number of key challenges, including ensuring a seamless transition from the existing to the new works, whilst limiting the disruption to the 21.38 million litres a day produced by the existing works that service three off-site reservoirs.

Commissioning of the new plant is scheduled for June 2013.