EPS signs Bunnanadden sewerage DB contract


EPS has signed a contract for the provision of a wastewater treatment plant for Bunnanadden, Co Sligo.

The project involves the design, build and one year operation of the new plant. Bunnanadden wastewater treatment works (WWTW) will have a design population equivalent of 350. The main objective is to provide for the immediate and long-term expansion of the existing scheme of collection and disposal of wastewater generated from the village of Bunnanadden and its environs.

Work will commence in the coming months on the Bunnanadden wastewater treatment works. Work on the contract is due to be completed in early 2012.

The proposed wastewater treatment works will treat sewage effluent to the required standards that comply with the Wastewater Treatment Regulations 2001 and Surface Water Regulations 2009 for a population equivalent of 350.

This will also improve the water quality of Bunnanadden Stream, Cloonacleigha Lough and Templehouse Lake. It will improve the final effluent quality and thus ensure Bunnanadden Stream (the receiving water) water quality achieves “good status” in accordance with objectives of the Western River Basin Management Plan 2009 – 2015. This development is also in accordance with stated objectives outlined in Sligo County Development Plan.

The project will be completed for Sligo County Council by the EPS Ballyhaunis office contract delivery unit.

This latest contract in Sligo is one of a number of successful schemes delivered for Sligo County Council.

EPS continues to operate a number of water and wastewater schemes throughout the county.

We are delighted with this current contract signing and look forward to delivering the contract for Sligo County Council wastewater department