EPS selected as Finalist in SEAI Awards 2016

EPS has been selected as a finalist in the SEAI Sustainable Energy Awards 2016 within the innovation category for becoming the first company in Ireland to implement incentives for employees to make their homes more energy efficient. The innovation award recognises the development and advancement of new technologies, systems, and approaches which have the capacity to influence sustainable energy use in Ireland.

EPS established the ‘Home Salary Incentive Scheme’ in collaboration with Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).  This was achieved by making energy upgrades more affordable and accessible through the provision of free home energy audits and advice, interest-free loans, as well as grant subsidies.

Under the pilot scheme, EPS Group co-ordinated energy audits which were carried out at employees’ homes to identify energy upgrades in areas such as insulation, boilers, controls and heating systems, windows and doors, and solar panels. Through the scheme, EPS employees received works to a value of over €200,000. On average, each employee who participated received approximately €6,000 worth of energy upgrades, of which up to 50% was funded through various subsidies.  To finance the cost of the upgrades, EPS Group provided a tax and interest-free loan to its employees.

The EPS Group pilot scheme involved 94 home surveys, 32 upgraded homes, 26 insulation measure upgrades, 24 boiler and heating control upgrades, and six solar installations.  The company’s energy manager, Declan O’Riordan, said the scheme can be compared to the Bike to Work scheme, whereby the employer provides the employee with an interest-free loan to purchase the product/service.

However, the scheme goes further by creating long-term cost savings for homeowners while increasing the value of their property. An added benefit is that every participant received a BER along with oil monitors to measure and verify the savings achieved. As a result of the success we achieved having completed this pilot programme a number of companies throughout Ireland are now in the process of implementing similar schemes.

Enprova, which provides energy efficiency services on behalf of the Irish Petroleum Industry Association, helped assist the pilot.

EPS is delighted to be a finalist in this very competitive category.  The next stage of the judging process involves EPS presenting to the judges at SEAI’s offices in Dublin in September.  The winner will be announced at the Gala event on 9th November in The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin 8.