EPS & Construction Safety Week, 2019 - Think Safe, Work Safe, Be Safe!

As a key stakeholder and participant in the Irish/UK construction sector we are proud to be part of the CIF Construction Safety Week programme.

This continues to be the EPS motto and message concerning everyone’s safety and well being and our collective and individual behaviour & culture towards ensuring everyone gets home safe everyday is paramount.

This week we all have an opportunity to reinforce that message and to reflect and take stock of our actions – or inaction – and raise everyone’s awareness levels on all aspects of our safety at work and at home.

During the week we will be focusing on a number of key topics through Director presentations, enhanced toolbox talks and awareness initiatives which, combined, will hopefully ensure that the maximum number of people across the business and within our supply chain are impacted in a positive way on safety and well being.

As a business and within the Health and Safety team we can only do so much to create the awareness but it really is up to each and everyone of us across the business to make a genuine effort this week in particular to ensure collectively we have an excellent week promoting and creating awareness around safety and well being.

I encourage each of you to take at least one point or item from the week and focus on changing one habit you have that will make your home and our workplace a safer place.  

We all have that one thing that we do or don’t do that if we did would make a difference. We all have something that we can make a conscious effort to change such as use of a mobile phone when driving , lack of focus or concentration at certain times or insufficient planning & preparation for tasks or that tendency to rush into things without thinking.

We are all human and are vulnerable to dropping our guard at times and this is why Construction Safety Week is important for the industry, as it gives us an opportunity to refocus, to reinforce our message and for all of us think safety again before we do anything that could put us or those around us at risk .

During the week we are focusing on the following topics as part of our programme of awareness :


We will be promoting various aspects throughout the week and encourage you to get involved and participate.

Safety is for all of us and not just a few and if anyone has any suggestions, improvements or observations throughout the week, or any other week for that matter, please let us know.

Our mental health and well being is also a key consideration for everyone this week as we collectively raise awareness about our mental well being .

Before we can protect others or benefit others we need to look after ourselves so let’s focus on that also this week in particular.

As a starter to the week, we suggest you watch the video on this link .

Thanks in advance,